Limited edition 7" vinyl. Paul Paterson and his Band. Released 2008 on Rollin Records.

A. I Got It Hard
B. The Hornet Returns

Paul Paterson and his Band. Released 2008 on Rollin Records.
1. I Got It Hard
2. Surfin' Loch Lomond
3. Shimmy Shake
4. Rebel Drums A-Go-Go
5. Union Avenue Breakdown
6. Flathead Ford
7. Le Loup-Garoue De Paris
8. The Hornet Returns
9. Surfin' Bird
10. A Shot In The Dark
11. Peter Gunn
12. Ramblin' Man
13. Speedtrap Boogie
14. Rockin' Gypsy
15. bonus track I Got It Hard (Bop Til You Drop)

Hi-Voltage. Released 2008 on Rollin' Records.

1. When The Big Cats Walk
2. Gasoline
3. I Would Love To Love You
4. Rock No More
5. Pain & Misery
6. Just Because
7. Big Door
8. Foxy Dan
9. Saturday Night
10. Lets Rock Tonight
11. I'm So Lonesome Baby
12. Walkin' in The Rain
13. I'm Thru
14. Baby Please Don't Go

The single from the Rockin' Dance Floor Hits album features an alternate take of "Baby Please Don't Go".
1. I Would Love To Love You
2. Foxy Dan
3. When The Big Cats Walk
4. Baby Please Don't Go

What the reviewers said about our previous album
'The Hot Rod Man' is the second studio album from authentic Rockabilly combo Hi-Voltage, showing that one of Britain's best rockin' bands has got even better! This is scorching stuff mixing pure Rockabilly with other vintage rockin' styles of the era. A winning mix of original songs together with 50's covers of classic artists like Johnny Burnette, Charlie Feathers and Johnny Horton, and some of the lesser-known greats too.
1. Bop Billie Baby
Lonesome Tears In My Eyes
3. You Don't Love Me
4. Hot Rod Man
5. Foolish Heart
6. Smoke That Cigarette
7. All I Can Do Is Cry
8. Hunting
9. Honey Bun
10. All I Need Is You
11. Too Much Alike
12. Bull By The Horns
13. Stranger Than Fiction.

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Limited edition 7" vinyl 45 rpm
The A side is "Lonesome tears in my eyes B/W Too hot to handle" as a 7 inch single on Pink 'n' Black records.



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The original Hi-Voltage album
1.The woman I need
2.Wherever I go
3.Jump start boogie
4.Something baby
5.Hi voltage
6.Two time lover
7.Hey baby
8.All night long
9.Good woman leavin'
10.I move I lose
11.Used to be
12.Something I said
14.Three day drunk

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The second and final Radium Cats album. Released in 1992 this was a big hit on the psychobilly and neo-rockabilly scene. Still available today from all good stores.
1.Martian hop
2.Six foot down
3.The freak
4.My girl is like uranium
5.Idol with the golden head
6.Great shakin' fever
7.Return of the mystery train
8.Well I knocked
9.Strange baby strange
11.Let it rot
12.Zuvembi stroll
13.Pink hearse
14.Surfin' D.O.A.

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Contains two 'Radium Cats' tracks that were originally available as a 12" single in the early 90's.
1. THE GO - KATZ: "Nightmare"
3. FRANTIC FLINTSTONES: "Let's Go Somewhere"
4. SPELLBOUND: "Last Breath"
5. THE CARAVANS: "More Whiskey"
6. THE GRISWALDS: "Do The Hucklebucks"
7. THE GRISWALDS: "Robbie Robot"
8. THE DELTAS: "You Can't Judge A Book"
9. THE DELTAS: "How Come You Do Me"
10. THE TERMITES: "Home Sweet Home"
13. SGT. FURY: "Cold Cold Sunday"
14. THE NITROS: "Something Gotta Give"
15. THE RATTLERS: "Face The Fact"
16. RADIUM CATS: "Pink Hearse"
17. RADIUM CATS: "Haunted By Your Love"

18. THE MERCURYS: "Bop Pills"
19. DEUCES WILD: "Cadillac Rust"
20. SGT. FURY: "Psycho Vision"
21. THEE WALTONS: "Kangaroo Barndance"
22. THEE WALTONS: "Fat, Drunk, Stupid"
23. THE RAYGUNNS: "Reday To Burn"
24. SGT. FURY: "Caught In A Dream"
25. COSMIC VOODOO: "Old Man In The Woods"

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