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Backstage with my girlfriend Charlotte and Lee Rocker, Spain 2007.


This picture was taken at Rockin' Race Festival in Spain 2007.
I had the good fortune to have played support to Lee on all of his 2005 tour dates in England. I got on great with all of the guys in Lee's band, especially Brophy Dale, one of Lee's guitarists.
That's one of the great things about playing in a band is meeting friends on the road again that you have previously played with.
Lee is one of the best guys that I've ever worked with, a real musicians musician. Totally professional and a real nice person too. Brophy is also a great guy. He borrowed my Fender Bassman amp for the tour. First night it blew a fuse, which I changed in double quick time. After the show I went to Brophy to apologise about the fuse, expecting him to be mad at me. Instead he apologised to me for blowing up my amp.

With BR5-49 at the Americana festival, Newark Show ground.


This picture was taken at the Americana 2003.
We were lucky enough to be playing on the bill with one of my favourite bands: BR5-49.
We had previously met Chuck, Don, Shaw, Chris and Geoff two years before in Nashville, shortly after Gary Bennett quit the band. We did a show at the Bluegrass Inn on Lower Broadway the previous night. We were having a drink at Roberts bar next door. When we met up with a rockabilly girl called Stephanie. She said that her boyfriends band was playing next door. We went next door to see her boyfriends band and were amazed that it was BR5-49.
We caught about two hours of a three hour set the guys were playing.. for tips. We spent a fortune that night requesting rockabilly songs and old Carl Smith tunes. A great night, great memories.

With Sonny Burgess. Same show, Americana festival, Newark Show ground.


We also met Sonny Burgess at the same Americana show in 2003. We didn't have much time to hang out backstage and talk as we had another show to do.

Going wild in the country. Playing the Americana has taught us how to put up a tent.
The good thing about the Americana festival is that it lets you camp out at the venue and pretend that you are an old time cowboy. Here we are trying to get a 'little doggie' to move along. The handsome dog pictured is drummer Ian Morris's pooch 'Doogie'.